I love to build, take apart, and figure out how things work. As a result I have a variety of projects that I have built or am currently working on, many of them tech related. Here are some of my favorite ones.

Planet Express Ship

I wanted to make an authentic blueprint of something and my wife loves Futurama. I decided to make a

Photographing Paintings

I have been photographing paintings from a young local artist for the past few years. While flat art

Black Heart Brewery

Sometime around 2006 I was watching Alton Brown on Good Eats show viewers how to brew beer at home.

RFID Door Lock

(View on Instructables) I wanted to make an easy and secure way to enter my garage. RFID was the bes

iSound Speakers

I have always been interested in audio gear and have spent way too much time tweaking my existing co

Chair Reupholster

I decided to reupholster my dinning room chairs to refresh their look. I have never done any reuphol

Car PC

Back in high school, before the iPod and other portable music players with huge capacities were popu

Fiberglass Subwoofer

Here is how I built a custom fiberglass subwoofer enclosure for my car. This project was featured on

Custom Computers

I’ve assembled, configured, built, ordered, and upgraded hundreds of computers both personally


I have always been interested in codes and secret methods of communication. Modern day encryption is

Potato Canon

I built a few potato cannons in 2001. I spent some time designing the optimum 1:1.5 chamber-to-barre