Brett Martin

Planet Express Ship

I wanted to make an authentic blueprint of something and my wife loves Futurama. I decided to make a blueprint of the Planet Express ship finding whatever I could about it on the internet. This included the “Alien” font used in the show and a number of inside jokes from the show.

The final image was printed on Tyvek paper that I wrinkled and mounted to a PVC sheet with a live edge. The end result is a print that looks and feels like an old blueprint. Download the full sized 11×17 or 16:9 jpgs for desktop backgrounds or the HQ printable versions. 11×17, 16×9

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I started off with a solid blue color and overlaid a paper texture to get the base paper to feel right.

Blueprint 1

Next was drawing in a grid. The grid on the 11×17 version is actual 1/4″ increments. This was a bit more challenging than I thought it would be as any mistakes would be evident over the course of the image.

Blueprint 2

After that I used a number of reference images from the series to recreate the ship in vector line art to match this style.

Blueprint 3

Finally I added all of the text and call-outs to complete the image.

Blueprint 4

While I have experience making fine art photography prints I’ve never made an imageĀ from scratch. It was a fun project and something I’m looking forward to doing again.