Brett Martin


Went to NYC for the weekend to see a show, pick up a new jacket for my wife, and photograph a friend in his office. I convinced my wife to model her new coat for me while we were there. 


My wife and I ran around my friends law office trying to find an interesting point of view to shoot him from. I ended up with the camera practically inside the receptionists desk so I could shoot into the adjacent library/confance room.  I really like the 3D depth that was created. A key and a fill lit him from either side with a bare speed light bouncing into a reflected to illuminate the background. 


We had just enough time for one more setup. I quickly swapped sides and shot from the opposite side of the room (next to the painting above). I wanted to get a nice reflection in the glossy table but it was a huge pain to light the lobby seen in the background. Both images still need to be edited but I’m happy with what we got considering the constraints. 


I’m sure you will see one of these up in the photography section when it’s complete.